Post-consumer Materials Recycler

Solution: Value-Adding


Corelli helped this company to reconfigure its strategic direction, leverage emerging opportunities in materials recycling, and ‘future-proof’ the business.

Our approach

Assess the company’s core skills and deliverables; review strategic and operational changes in market direction within the company’s industrial sector; collate data on end-of-life consumables arising from new and emerging industrial technologies and new product development; analyse market trends and emerging developments in the recycling and materials handling sectors, in manufacturing and product design, and in upcycling post-consumer materials.

Value to client

The strategic review provided value to the client by identifying and leveraging the company’s core skills, diversifying revenues, expanding the customer and operational base, and value-adding existing processing outputs and waste streams. An implementation plan and framework provided structure for a staged strategy roll-out within the company.

Outcomes for client

Reposition the client’s brand within an expanded industrial landscape; build profile with customers and end users; future-proof the company’s business.

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Client feedback

Dianne provided us with an excellent and detailed report, covering not only the company’s future and its opportunities in the longer term, but also about the current hurdles we faced executing our short term goals.

It was provided on time and to budget and at times, due to internal issues, it was provided around a moving target of resource availability.

Post-consumer Materials Recyler